Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA)

OCCAOCCA and the Undergraduate Certificate in Theological Studies (CTS)

OCCA offers a one year programme designed to be an enriching and dynamic experience for students enrolled on the Undergraduate Certificate in Theological Studies. Students who successfully apply for the Certificate in Theological Studies (CTS) at Wycliffe Hall can also apply to study apologetics at OCCA. The CTS is a University of Oxford course and is taught by the dynamic and award-winning Wycliffe Hall faculty who are committed both to academic rigour and practical and spiritual formation. The CTS provides an excellent opening for people of all ages to study theology in the inspiring, stimulating and beautiful environment of Oxford.

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The One Year OCCA Programme

CTS students who are enrolled on the one year OCCA Programme receive training in the areas of apologetics and evangelism. OCCA Programme students benefit from weekly interaction with leading apologists such as Alister McGrath, John Lennox, Os Guinness, Ravi Zacharias, Michael Ramsden, Amy Orr-Ewing, Vince Vitale, Tom Price and Frog Orr-Ewing. Students are part of the vibrant and diverse OCCA community during their year of study. They can take advantage of the spiritual formation, mentorship, preaching classes, and evangelistic placement opportunities. Students also have the chance to work alongside OCCA staff at speaking events and on University mission weeks.

These additional resources available through the OCCA are devised specifically as preparation for Christian service in the office, home, church or other ministry setting. Students have the chance to combine serious study of the Bible and Christian doctrine with an unparalleled opportunity to experience Christian apologetics in action.

To find out more about the OCCA training opportunities, please visit www.theocca.org