Mission Minded: Evangelism and Church Growth

by The Revd Michael Green  |  22nd Feb 2017

Wycliffe has for a long time done parish missions in the ninth week of the Hilary Term. Something new this year is twelve students going with Dr. Michael Green on missions to three universities, Reading, Warwick and Canterbury. These missions take place from Monday to Friday, are organized by the Christian Union in each university and constitute a major outreach. Occasional students have accompanied Michael in the past and returned with such enthusiasm that the Hall is prepared to allow them to go during term time, subject to their gaining permission from their Tutor and making up the lost work.

Always in the past there have been some students coming to an explicit faith in each university as a result of these ‘Events Weeks’ as they are called,  and always there are many who join groups for enquirers after the week is over, some of who  become Christians in due course. Please pray for this work: it is one of the most effective evangelistic initiatives in UK at present.