Michael Lloyd gives academic lectures at the East China Normal University

 |  31st May 2017

The Revd Dr Michael Lloyd travelled through Singapore and China during May 2017. During his visit he was generously hosted by Cecil Lee (WH 2015) who introduced him to a variety of theological institutions in Singapore.

He met with representatives of the Diocese of Singapore in the new Cathedral Cafe, and visited the Trinity Theological College.

Michael then flew to Xiamen in mainland China, where he was hosted by Yuxiaosu, a CS Lewis scholar who was here at Wycliffe on Study Leave last year. He spoke on Shakespeare to her English Literature class, desperately trying to disinter what he learned from his undergraduate degree in English, a century or two ago.

He was privileged to visit some of the sites of the old missionary colleges and churches in Fuzhou, in the company of an expert in this period of missionary history, Prof. Rong Gang Guo – learning, among many other things of the missionaries’ impressive opposition to the opium trade, which the British Government was (less impressively) defending by force.
In Shanghai, he gave two academic lectures on the Problem of Evil at the East China Normal University. ‘I was hugely impressed by the quality of the students: the ability of anthropology students to follow a full-on philosophical discussion in English (without translation) was remarkable.’ He urges old members to pray for the church in China, which he  found to be vibrant and courageous.