Mixed Mode FAQs

Mixed Mode FAQs

I don’t have a context, can I still explore Mixed Mode?

No problem! We are putting together a portfolio of training settings to which we can guide you.
Contact us for more details


I’ve got a context: how does it work?

Great! We will contact your incumbent and set up a meeting to settle the working pattern.


Will I just be doing three years of a degree in two days a week?

No. We are designing assignments which work organically with your context so that the work   grows naturally out of what you are doing day to day. We will also talk to your training context about building in a study day a week. All the training contexts we have to offer have agreed to this: they see it as an investment.

Also, if you choose, you can do the 2 year Diploma over 3 years and then top up the third year in your curacy, so that you can still get the degree.


I've got childcare commitments: can it still work for me?

Yes. We can work with you in this. Contact us to come in and chat over what you need.


Is this just about big churches?

No. We are building training contexts in all sorts of churches with all sizes of congregations.


Will I get a broad enough training?

Yes. Part of the training will include a placement in a different tradition from your training context.


Will I feel part of the Hall community?

Yes. Worshipping together, learning together, sharing time together is what informs our life here. Because you are with us two days a week, you really share in the life of the Hall.


Can I benefit from the Hall being part of the University?

Yes. You will have access to the University of Oxford’s libraries and virtual learning environment. In addition, we have a link with another colleges to play sport or join clubs.


You do missions: can I join in?

Yes, by arrangement with your training incumbent.


Does it have to be a church?

Yes and no. Chaplaincy contexts can be done if you also have a church where you can regularly, at least on Sundays.


I've got a Theology degree. Can I do a Master's?

Yes: if you have a 2:1 or better you can apply for Oxford's MTh or PGDip. If you are accepted, this will be part of your training pathway.


What about weekends and summer schools?

Because you are in the Hall two days a week, we don't ask you to do weekends or summer schools.


I've got a context but no accommodation

We can help. Contact us and we'll talk about what you need.