Benjamin Johnson

Ben JohnsonDr Benjamin J M Johnson

Tutor in Biblical Interpretation

Email: benjamin.johnson [at]

BA (Trinity Western University) MA (Multnomah University), ThM (Western Seminary), PhD (University of Durham)

Dr Johnson joined the Tutorial staff at Wycliffe in 2012. Before coming to Wycliffe Dr Johnson was Adjunct Lecturer in New Testament Greek at Cranmer Hall while he finished his PhD at Durham University under the direction of Walter Moberly.

Dr Johnson’s research interests range from biblical narrative to Septuagint studies to biblical theology. However, his primary research and teaching interests revolve around the question: how do we appropriately and responsibly interpret Scripture? At Wycliffe he applies these interests in his teaching on biblical interpretation, biblical theology, New Testament, and Greek.

Dr Johnson is a member of the Society for Old Testament Study and the International Organization of Septuagint and Cognate Studies, and the Society of Biblical Literature where he regular presents academic papers. He and his wife Sarah have two young children, Samuel and Genevieve, who keep them very busy.

Classes Taught

  • Biblical Interpretation
  • New Testament Introduction (Gospel of Matthew)
  • New Testament Studies (Gospel of John)
  • Intermediate Greek
  • Biblical Theology



  • 2015. Reading David and Goliath in Greek and Hebrew: A Literary Approach (Forschungen zum Alten Testament II/82. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck).

Journal Articles and Chapters

  • Forthcoming. "Narrative Sensitivity and the Variation of Verb Tense in 1 Reigns 17:34-37," Journal of Septuagint and Cognate Studies 48.
               Winner of the 2013 John William Wevers Prize in Septuagint Studies awarded by
               the International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies.
  • Forthcoming. "Reading the Septuagint: The Hermeneutical Problem of a Translated Text," in Authoritative Texts and Reception History: Aspects and Approaches (ed. Dan Batovici and Kristin De Troyer; BIS; Leiden: Brill).
  • 2015. "A Nazorean and a Nazirite: Jesus and Samson in Matthew 1-2," Expository Times 126.12: 586-92.
  • 2013. "David Then and Now: Double-Voiced Discourse in 1 Samuel 16:14-23," Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 38.2: 201-15.
  • 2013. "Did David Bring a Gun to a Knife Fight? Literary and Historical Considerations in Interpreting David's Victory over Goliath," Expository Times 124.11: 530-37.
  • 2012. "Reconsidering 4QSama and the Textual Support for the Long and Short Versions of the David and Goliath Story," Vetus Testamentum 62.4: 534-49.
  • 2012. "The Heart of Yhwh's Chosen One in 1 Samuel," Journal of Biblical Literature 131.3: 455-66.
  • 2011. "'Whoever Gives Me Thorns and Thistles': Rhetorical Ambiguity and the Use of מי יתן in Isaiah 27:2-6," Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 36.1: 105-26.
  • 2010. "What Type of Son is Samson? Reading Judges 13 as a Biblical Type-Scene," Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 53.2: 269-86.

Current and Forthcoming Research

  • Joab and the Cost of Kingship (a monograph on the character of Joab in 1 Samuel - 1 Kings)
  • Who is the Son of Jesse? A Literary Exploration of David in 1 Samuel (a monograph on the character of David in 1 Samuel)
  • Numbers: A Commentary on the Greek Text of Codex Vaticanus (Septuagint Commentary Series; Leiden: Brill, under contract).

For a full list of Dr Johnson’s publications, including article and other brief pieces, please see his CV, which is listed on his page.