1877 Society

God continues to provide us with amazing opportunities as we play our part in renewing Christian leaders, revitalising the church and transforming the nations by the gospel.

As we look to the future, we are excited by what can be achieved through Wycliffe’s special community, and would like to invite our alumni and friends to join the 1877 Society.

The 1877 Society has been established to recognise and reward supporters who make regular contributions to Wycliffe Hall. The name signifies the year of the foundation of the Hall by

Bishop Ryle and his friends. In the last 140 years, Wycliffe has grown and developed, empowering thousands of people to lead and impact in every sphere of life and help God’s kingdom and glory to grow.

By making a regular donation of £18.77 per month (£226 / US$350 per year), not only will donors automatically become members of the 1877 Society but their regular gifts are hugely valued by Wycliffe Hall. Such donations will allow us to plan with greater confidence for future developments that will help us to fulfil our mission.

All donations make a significant difference to the Wycliffe community and the 1877 Society

will fund a variety of exciting and essential projects.


Benefits for 1877 Society members 

• Members will receive an update on the progress of projects achieved through their generous donations.

• A unique 1877 Society pin badge. Members are invited to wear their pins with pride to demonstrate the value of supporting Wycliffe, encourage their peers to join them and raise the visibility of Wycliffe’s special community.


How to join

Membership of the 1877 Society is given to anyone who donates a monthly amount of £18.77 or more to Wycliffe Hall. This can be a single gift of at least £226/US$350 annually.

To make a gift to join the 1877 Society, please read and complete the most recent 1877 leaflet here - CLICK HERE 

or give online via the University Oxford – CLICK HERE 

or Friends of Wycliffe Hall (US) - CLICK HERE


Thank you for your support.